Clay Travis and Buck Sexton to fill Rush Limbaugh's radio slot

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The coveted radio slot left by the death of Rush Limbaugh has found its new voices. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton are set to take over the late host's conservative three-hour show, Premiere Networks announced Thursday.

"The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show" will air weekdays from 12-3 p.m. ET beginning June 21, in an effort to replace the hole left from the talk titan's passing.

"Limbaugh is irreplaceable, but we’re confident (Travis and Buck) will continue his legacy by delivering their own brand of intelligent, informed and entertaining talk radio," Premiere Networks President Julie Talbott said in a press release.

Travis currently hosts Fox Sports Radio's "Outkick The Coverage with Clay Travis" and is founder of media company Sexton is host of "The Buck Sexton Show," a political commentator and former CIA officer and NYPD counterterrorism expert.

The duo promises to "carry on the tradition of Rush Limbaugh and bring truth to the masses," Sexton said in the release.
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The new show will air on hundreds of stations across the country and will also be available as a podcast on the iHeartRadio Podcast Network.

Since Limbaugh's death in February, the time slot has been filled with guest hosts and old tapes of Limbaugh. He died at age 70 after a battle with lung cancer, a diagnosis he announced himself on his show in 2020. He hosted "The Rush Limbaugh Show" from 1988 until weeks before his passing in 2021.

A Republican conservative and staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump to the end, Limbaugh was among Trump's most prominent enablers of his failed effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election with baseless claims of voting fraud.

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Limbaugh's show was the most listened-to talk radio broadcast in the USA, bringing a cumulative weekly audience of about 15.5 million listeners at his peak, according to Talkers' tracking. "No one beats Rush in the political news talk radio format – he’s No. 1," Harrison said.

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