How Entertainment And Socialization Are Helping Us Cope Through The Pandemic

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Throughout the last couple of years the world has seen a drastic change in how we ended up living our daily lives. Not only did it affect our lives, but it affected the way industries have to work too. Both industry and society have taken a deep blow in the mists of the recent pandemic. Regulations all over the world forced socialization outside to fall to a minimum, while many businesses were being forced to take new measures, and some were even forced to shut down due to business failing, causing the loss of many jobs.

With this massive change in everyone’s lives and the way the world is working, things can get a little tough, but if there’s one thing that’s holding everything and everyone together, it’s the internet, thanks to the ease of access to anything we need through the advancements of everyday use technology. So, how is technology helping us cope with the pandemic? Well, there are many ways, in many sectors, so let’s mention a few of them.


The entertainment industry had to take a step back from many sectors, such as live concerts, big movie premiers, big award shows, and anything that involved a crowd. Social distancing became a norm all around the world, and we can forget about going to any epic festivals anytime soon. So, how are we coping with this lack of fun? Luckily, we have a few ways we can entertain ourselves from home. Firstly, who doesn’t have Netflix these days? And besides that, there’s a whole world of TV shows and movies out there to watch and burn time. We also have a never-ending world of video games on numerous consoles, yes they’re getting a bit expensive, but they’re also becoming more advanced and immersive than ever before. And let’s not forget that if you have a knack for gambling, even though you can’t visit the local casino, there’s plenty of casino sites in Canada. Yeah, it’s good to burn time and keep your brain fresh, but is it enough for us to be able to stay like this forever?


Humans live to socialize. We all thrive when we are with others, sharing our emotions, feeling connected with others and expressing our opinions, while always meeting new people and learning new things. It’s all our life is, and we can’t imagine ourselves living without it. How would you feel about ending up alone, with nobody to meet or to even talk to? You’d probably lose your mind. Since many of us are stuck at home or can’t go to public places like bars, clubs and whatnot, how are you going to socialize? Well, obviously, social media. Social media use rates have increased a lot during the past couple years. Either we’re chatting with our friends on Facebook, posting pictures on Instagram, if there’s any way we can remind other people we exist and update everyone with our new look, if not through social meetings, through social media. But is it enough to satisfy our biological and psychological need for socialization? After all, how connected are we really, if we’re only connecting with each other through a screen? Guess time will tell.


Steven Madden

Steven Madden

Steven has covered a variety of industries during his media career including car care, pharmaceutical, and retail.