US-based DXC Technology to hire 7,000 from campuses in India this year

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US-based IT firm DXC Technology will hire 7,000 freshers from India this year ,40 percent higher than the previous year, to meet the rising demand for talent in the sector.

The company employs more than 40,000 people in India and 1.7 lakh globally. It hired 5,000 last year from Indian campuses.

Speaking to Moneycontrol, Nachiket Sukhtankar, Managing Director – India, DXC Technology, said the company would continue to recruit talent in India, a key market. “We are very much engaged in building our talent base. And that journey will continue,” he said.

On the demand for niche skills and the current war for talent, Sukhtankar said there was a premium on talent, and retention was a challenge.

“We have to be competitive in terms of compensation, but not significantly. But we have to rely on other aspects of the employee value proposition to make sure to attract and retain the right talent in this industry. Whether you like it or not, word of mouth plays a big role,” he explained.

He said it is important to invest in the training and development of employees, giving them opportunities and career progression instead of giving multiple hikes that set wrong expectations.

“So, we haven't done multiple wage hikes. That's fine. What we've done is promoted, right from inside the organization, rather than get it from the outside,” he added.

On the work-from-home front, he said it would continue until the end of June. “The data clearly indicates that this COVID-19 crisis is not behind us at all and we expect this to continue. So at least from my perspective, we will not open till the end of quarter one, which is June. But depending on how the data shows up, then we might potentially extend that right,” he said.

While the company is still working on the future of work model, it will depend on its client requirements. “We will start with what the client’s needs are, then work backward to what is required to deliver what the client expects. And then you look at what's the most optimal way, having taken lessons from virtual working as well as the traditional models. So that's, that's the way I would think about it,” explained Sukhtankar.


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