Viral 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video set to stay on YouTube following NFT sale

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The "Charlie Bit My Finger" video has been viewed more than 884 million times, making it the most-viewed video on YouTube. Fans of the video can rest easy knowing the video will stay on the video platform even after being sold as an NFT, the father of the children Howard Davies-Carr said.

The 2007 viral video features Harry, 3 at the time, putting his finger in the mouth of Charlie, 1 at the time.

Origin Protocol, the company that ran the auction for the video, announced on May 23 it was sold to 3FMusic for over $760,000 as a non-fungible token. A statement on the website said the video was set to be deleted from YouTube following the auction.

Video sells for over $760,000:Viral 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video sells as NFT for more than $760,000, fate still unknown
"After the auction we connected with the buyer, who ended up deciding to keep the video on YouTube," Davies-Carr told Quartz. "The buyer felt that the video is an important part of popular culture and shouldn’t be taken down. It will now live on YouTube for the masses to continue enjoying as well as memorialized as an NFT on the blockchain."

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John Spacey

John Spacey